Rebecca Killen Ceramics is an award winning home ware brand founded by designer - maker Rebecca Killen. Established in 2014, we provide unique, handmade bone china products for the home, each lovingly made in Ireland.


The Cobalt Collection consists of our signature blue and white bottles, dishes and vessels. Nostalgic in form with a contemporary finish the work is inspired by iconic patterns used in traditional ceramics. Rebecca creates each piece using fine bone china and decorates with hand painted designs, a rich cobalt glaze or a ceramic transfer, each piece is then finished with hints of gold along the rim.




This range celebrates local historic industry, in which Rebecca creates moulds from beautiful antique bottles from industries that are no longer in existence. 'This collection is continually growing as I am always on the look out for beautifully textured bottles from around Ireland that give us a glimpse into industries of the past'. The quirky bottles in millennial pink, white and dusky blue aim to bring a fresh approach to nostalgic bone china.



The Bay Collection is directly inspired by the ever changing splendour of Dundrum Bay where Rebecca's home is situated. 'Each morning I am greeted and blessed with the most wonderful views which spread across the bay, leading to the majestic Mountains of Mourne'. The winter morning skies streaked with pink and gold are a beautiful contrast to the stunning shades of summer blues that encompass the bay throughout the warmer months. Each piece in the Bay Collection is completely unique with marbled bone china, painterly brush strokes and hints of gold lustre. 



We can make each of our pieces even more unique to the individual by stamping an important name, initial or significant date onto any of our pieces. Upcoming wedding? We can provide stamped and textured favours or place settings that will make your special day even more unique. For more information please get in contact.




Rebecca Killen, a graduate of Belfast School of Art, is a ceramic designer-maker living and working in County Down, N. Ireland. With a love of curating collections of complementary objects, Rebecca aims to create ceramic products that can evoke memories, a sense of nostalgia or serve as decorative pieces in the home to be used and treasured for years to come. Our  bottles, dishes and vessels are made in small batches using the slip casting technique. Currently Rebecca is experimenting with surface texture and layers of colour on her pieces, this initial exploration has inspired the new Bay Collection