I have recently become a little bit obsessed with Instagram, after a couple of technical issues (I apologise for my persistent follows) I finally got my @rebeccakillenceramics__ account up and running and I have found so many amazing new artists, designers and inspirations. There are some incredible feeds out there, here are my two favourites (sorry both ceramics, I'm obsessed with that too):

@tortus_copenhagen - Totally incredible images of the most beautiful handmade ceramic wares, a real insight into his studio and really cool videos of him throwing pots. I have to stop myself from liking every single image #number1stalker

@amandadugganceramics - Clearly inspired by surface, her feed is beautifully composed with an obvious translation between everyday textures and her stunning minimalist ceramic work. 

And please feel free to follow @rebeccakillenceramics__ where I share daily images of finished pieces and the processes involved in creating contemporary ceramics

AuthorRebecca Killen